VRlog highlights a different VR every day

In August 2018 VRlog.com started hosting 360 virtual reality scenes that only require a browser that supports html5 (i.e. most all browsers). This spring the site was updated to have more scenes and to display a different 360 panorama every day. The panoramas were rebuilt at high resolution so that they look fine on a 4K monitor.

The player on VRlog supports these keyboard shortcuts:

  • shift - zoom in
  • right-arrow - pan to the right
  • left-arrow - pan to the left
  • escape - get out of fullscreen mode
  • f key - go into fullscreen mode

Kolob Canyon as a mirror ball Kolob Canyon, Utah

There were a few small coding challenges but nothing that couldn't be figured out in an hour. It seemed like rotating in a different scene in every day aligned with the idea suggested by the name of a virtual reality log or VRlog.

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