The Portland bakery map

This map of Portland bakeries was first unveiled in February 2011. It’s a bit of an experiment since no streets are labeled. In order to work on a letter size page, there’s not much room for street names. However the general neighborhood centers should be evident — for instance Alberta Street has a fabulous cluster of bakeries.

A word about the parameters for choosing what is shown… I thought the map should be about baked items, which leaves out chocolatiers and ice creameries and candy stores for another map. I tried to include places that focus on baked goods (breads, croissants, pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc). I went back and forth on places like Random Order and Pix.

I hadn’t really noticed it before making the map, but it is striking how some neighborhoods are bakery free, or have just one bakery for miles and miles of city. Apologies to the neighborhoods that fell off the edge of the cookie… it just wouldn’t be legible if the entire region was included.

The map is not for sale anywhere.

the Portland bakery map Unfortunately this map is out of date -- there are some fantastic new bakeries.

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