Fluid field series

A basic premise is that when you view the world around you, the rods and cones in your eyes are only detecting one dimension of the energy present in the environment—that of reflected light that ranges through the visible spectrum. Living things and minerals may radiate energy in other fields that operate in a different temporal scale, and/or in wavelengths outside human vision. Just as infrared film allows us to see a heat-field view of things, the natural field concept explores a vision of the natural world that fuses reflected light with an envisioning of other energy fields.

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Icon credits:

Wave pattern icon by By Eliricon, FI from the Noun Project.
Network icon by Brennan Novak, IS from the Noun Project.
Rings of dots icon by Cass Reese, US from the Noun Project.
Doodle icon by Kyle Tezak from the Noun Project.
Geology strata icon by By TNS, GB from the Noun Project.