Maps for books

One City's Wilderness is an awesome book by Marcy Houle about Portland's Forest Park. The Art of Geography created the maps and elevation profiles for the third edition of the book, published by OSU Press. The customization of the maps and elevation profiles for the book involved many iterations with the author, who was a pleasure to work with and did a tremendous amount of research and field work for this third edition.

From the publisher: "This updated and expanded edition of One City’s Wilderness provides directions to twenty-nine hikes of varying length, difficulty, and scenery, covering every trail within the 5,100-acre park. Each hike is accompanied by new, full-color maps, and a fold-out, full-color map of the entire park is included inside the back cover."

Oregon State University Press page on the book
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Printed maps

There have been several different form factors of the Art of Geography map of Forest Park. This poster version is 39 inches wide by 13 inches tall.