Metro's Walk There! guide maps wins top international awards

"Metro’s ever-popular Walk There! guide recently won several international awards at the annual Environment Systems Research Institute International User Conference held earlier this month in San Diego. The guide’s maps to great places to walk around the Portland-Vancouver area took home two top prizes, including a best overall win.

The ESRI International User Conference, the world's largest event dedicated to geographic information system (GIS) technology, is a weeklong gathering that draws thousands of GIS software users, working in diverse industries, from across the globe. More than 12,000 people attended this year’s conference. Each year the conference includes a Poster Gallery, a large football field-sized room filled with nearly 2000 posters competing in 16 categories.

Walk There! was entered into the Best Cartographic Design: Map Series or Atlas – Press Copy category by Matthew Hampton, a senior transportation and planner, and Erik Goetze, a member of Metro’s creative services team. Eight maps from the guide were presented along with informational content about the Walk There! program. The maps took first place in this particular category and later went on to win best overall, beating out all other first-place finishers and prevailing over 2,000 entries."

A story about this appeared in The Oregonian.