360 degree Panoramic Photography

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The next dimension of photography, 360 degree panoramas, also called virtual reality (VR), immerses the viewer in a location. With VR, you can pan around, look up or down, and even zoom in to examine details. A virtual tour links multiple VRs together using a map to allow exploration of a whole park, preserve, or threatened area.

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a popular tool for showing what it's like to be somewhere. That's because the sense of immersion the viewer gets from VR is much more compelling than looking at flat photos, and a critical mass of users have the bandwidth needed for viewing rich interactive media. At the Art of Geography, we have been shooting high quality virtual reality panoramas for over fifteen years. Our panoramas are produced for maximum viewer impact and visual quality, so much so that other photographers frequently ask us how we do it.

We specialize in capturing the essence of wilderness, park or preserve lands using VR and presenting the panoramas in either print or digital formats.


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