untitled #19

Where liminal structures watch over the roaming damage, and hold out

The Thambet nebula: an armature of war’s autonomous destructor

To await that Maar bedlam; and then earth ebbed like water down the train tracks

The gibbous equilibrium of Coquina Flats

Beulah Land eve wet with sound, dreams of silver thistledown

Pandemonia: when the icy hammer tore the fabric of geologia

The first time the water carried this ghyll branch past the doodlebug truth

Strange world we cannot see, circling the wine dark crossroads—F2

Distant fires on the rocky foothills, as the tipis were being taken down

Atlas macro grip slips as the Tehachapi abalone shells rain down and crunch underfoot

Foraminifer wings that never fly: circling a hydroponic sphinx

Being snowborne, to glimpse the Unakite Mountains in the sky

The labradorescence amongst the twilight trees on the one trail home

A shipwrecked train, upside-down seashell, and petrified mermaids

The six-year old exfoliation at the compartment of diverted mountain hypocenters

Droughtend: the search for the numinous headwaters of Bishop Creek

The faunal sovereign and the pale valleys of peak ice

The Devil’s Scarpments of Rolpaguan: repossessor of abandoned doctrines

The weak force propagates on the freewill of zeolite glyphs

Valence levels of post-geologic civilizations

Wild Astorian bird of paradise and the million year gabbro

Words disappear throughout the Fenlast rift of ashes

The Troglobite of Yowah: damaged from the beginning

The loyal guardian of the gateless gate breathes not

Armistice rubble dots Dolgarth Canyon—just just oceanic transgressions

The Columbia River basin’s million year story: quietly encoded in sockeye DNA

The angel of Regolith dissolves all iron thermoremanents

Mappa mundi of war-torn tributary dominions F2

The entropy of Condor La Rinconada, and our evanescent mindbody

Heads down shadows revisit Plato’s Cave, never to leave

Violetriver Leaverite for 20 hours tethered; some crater cure

A holocrystalline cranium spans the electric arc of Kiribati

Chromatic galleons of space-time thread waves of dark matter

furoshiki-clast storm on the old guinea plateau

Relicated: after the tarsands ran out

Gravitating alpenglow sketches Lamarck Col boulder field nr 5

Tumbling voices roil Lamarck Col boulder field nr 3

Tumbling sand roils Lamarck Col boulder field nr 2

Tumbling water roils Lamarck Col boulder field nr 1

Headwaters of the mountain heart: I don’t think we’ll meet again

Old Rakerare: axle for moonsongs to revolve about

The lightness of metasomatic photopsins

The Toreva syncline of Dolomitic Schröteri

Deep forbidden Blefuscu and the Halothermic Eagle

The eye of the storm reveals an esker moon

Vertiginous canyon baju revenerates wall of trichrome

The pandemonium of complete freedom at mile 19

The stratigraphics of the Moqui Queen

Basaltica: blind valley beneath the redworld