The Forest Park Map

Forest Park is located in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon, and is one of the largest urban parks in the country. The Art of Geography has made a variety of maps of Forest Park.

§ Map with shaded relief blended with landcover

This new variation of the Forest Park map is now available from the Forest Park Conservancy.


§ Incredibly detailed map with topographic relief and contour lines


§ Poster map with blend of relief, vegetation texture, and NAIP landcover

A poster print map of Forest Park

This map of Portland's Forest Park is now available as a 39" wide poster

Now available from Forest Park Conservancy for $25 (plus shipping)

Technical features:

There is now a dedicated page for the book maps which describes the cartographic features.


Thanks to Marcy Houle for providing much feedback on the map, which lead to a better map.

Thanks to Kevin Martin for providing the Lidar data.


The Art of Geography Forest Park map is a copyrighted work and is licensed to you for your personal use only. You may not modify or re-distribute it. If you have suggestions for improvements, please send them in.

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