The Downtown Portland Map

The Downtown Portland map was a demonstration of how Portland tourist maps could be improved. It is not maintained.


It showed an unprecedented level of detail. Galleries, public art, restaurants, coffeehouses, pubs & bakeries were clearly labeled on the map and in the index. Parking, mass transit, and key landmarks are shown. If your time is limited, you can see at a glance what areas have the greatest density of restaurants, pubs, or coffeehouses.

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Map Version 247 • Download PDF (3MB)

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This map is a copyrighted work and is licensed to you for your personal use only. You may not modify or re-distribute it. Feel free to post links to this page. If you have suggestions for improvements, please send them in.

The map is designed to be printed in color on tabloid (11"x17") size or larger paper. If you want to use a letter size printer to assemble a tabloid size map from two sheets, check these tips to get the best quality and layout.

The map is updated from time to time, so revisit this page to get the latest version.

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