The Art of Geography is about combining art, technology, and appreciation of the natural world. Some of the byproducts of this melding are maps that help you get where you want to go, photographic panoramas that show you what it's like to be in various wilderness locations around the world, and abstract expressionist & landscape art.

Depending on the size of the project, the Art of Geography will assemble a virtual team consisting of subject or process specialists to ensure quality work within the specified timeframe and budget.

For over ten years, the Art of Geography journey has included making maps, painting and shooting panoramas of wilderness and natural environments. ¶ We strive to capture the confluence of a moment of transcendent lighting, experience, and a wild place with a certain feng shui, & depict it with the highest attainable quality. ¶ The Art of Geography custom maps are designed to not only convey high fidelity information, but to look good and provide a sense of place. ¶ Painting is an outlet which allows the artist to step outside the lines and synthesize experience, memory, and concepts into a new visual mix. ¶ Hope you find some of our work enjoyable.